Re-inventing the Broom

The First-Ever Expandable Broom | 2 in 1

Main benefits of BroomX, The Expandable Broom


Narrow space? Wide space? No worries! Broom X was designed for sweeping of different surfaces width

Comfort & Efficiency

Easily operate different widths simultaneously and manage the mechanism for narrow/wide spaces

Compact Storage

Having an extra-wide broom at home and store it easily as a narrow broom!

High Quality

Durable for years, double bristle-sweeping head, high-density fibers unique pole-problem


No matter what the surface or type of debris, BroomX gets it done faster, easier and more efficiently than traditional brooms.
BroomX has a width for nearly every width, be it narrow or extra wide, inside and out!

The daily struggle of 'brooming'...

You stoop and bend, move chairs away of the table, or put them on top of it, you twist and reach. Pressure is getting to your hands and back. Because it’s hard to get that long-handled broom to trap the mess. You sweep under tables, but you couldn’t really get between the legs, as it too narrow for your broom. You go below and around chairs… same problem. So, you start moving chairs away… Tight space between another furniture and the next one, or the wall… Arrrrrr!!! You do that over and over until you’ve got sick of it. A job well done, right?

BroomX was invented to ease that pain!

Where you can Get BroomX