Company Overview

Silverline Innovative Appliances was formed to transform the way sweeping is performed, bringing this area to a par with other products in the industry. The venture is based on a Novel and Innovative Patent, which allows a unique and innovative way for expanding the sweeping surface of cleaning tools on the go. Our line of products consists of cleaning tools such as brooms, squeegees, flat mops, rakes, and vacuum cleaner heads (to start with).

We’ve started with BroomX- our first product.

BroomX is actually the first-ever expandable broom, which changes it sweeping width easily and quickly by an intuitive and smooth move of the ‘sleeve’, up and down, allowing the sweeping surface fitting into narrow spaces, when required, and then expand to be an extra-wide broom when moving to open spaces, such as living room, while cleaning Another day at home…

Our Vision

To design tools that reinvent the way we use
them with less time and energy spent.

Our Mission

To re-invent the broom and have a significant impact on the way people sweep the floor throughout innovation of cleaning tools for the home, professional and gardening markets. Our products provides ease and
efficiency comparing with other all other (old fashion) brooms. We believe that using our innovative products will contribute to your quality of life so that you´ll have more time with your family, by reducing your cleaning efforts and time.

Our Story

The trigger for inventing the patent, which is actually the heart of our company is the constant annoying pain we had on a daily basis, while being soooo busy cleaning after our kids, pets, guests, and (let´s admit is) after ourselves as well.

We´ve all used narrow cleaning tools, such as common brooms and squeegees, so that we could clean our home in narrow spaces, such as between chair legs, underneath tables and between different furnitures. But (and that´s a big BUT) while having a narrow tool was an advantage there, it became to be a disadvantage in a few seconds, when cleaning the living room, or any other open space at home!

Frustration grew, and then it sparked us… BANG! Let´s invent a cleaning tool which can instantly change it cleaning surface on the spot from narrow to extra-wide and vice versa.

This was unique and unprecedented!

We´ve notices that with the first BroomX in hand we could have it with different bristles, so that it cleans virtually every surface. When investigated further we´ve found out that for a few decades people have invested in efforts to address that problem, which means, we are facing here a global problem, rather than a local/private one!

The breakthrough was when we´ve managed to come up with a new concept and working tool. Getting the engineering done, and then start production was only a matter of time…

With this invention old/existing brooms could very well be part of the history.
It´s not a cliche – we have started by RE-INVENTING THE BROOM!!!
Then the rake, the brushe
Then more…

BroomX is the first product out of a very wide and diverse product-line. It designed for home usage, and we will soon come up with more versions for home, office and garden (as well as Push BroomX).

From that vision and inspiration, Silverline Innovative Appliances. was formed in 2016.

Just try it. You´ll see.

We invite you to be part of our growing success. Our plan for the future is to take this venture globally. From a “Spark” of invention to a wide range of products that changes the way people clean forever.