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Join the next generation in floor care, win the competition, and provide your customers with the most advanced broom in the marketplace.

If you are a manufacturer of cleaning tools, a distributor, e-commerce (on-line shopping) operator, dealer, buyer in a chain store or a retailer with a valid sales and distribution channels, we would be glad working with you. BroomX the first of its kind in it concept, innovation and design, utility and functionality.

Let your customers have something, which goes beyond the broom they know and offer the world´s smartest cleaning tool. Don´t you want to revive a tired category with a brand-new take on an old favorite? BroomX features eye-catching consumer packaging designed for minimal shelf footprint while making the greatest impact.
It´s also a major disruptor to the broom industry. Introduce the BroomX to your customers and grab your share of this huge industry. It´s time to offer your customers a faster, easier, and more efficient solution for cleaning. They´ll thank you for the time and energy saved by using BroomX.

Intelligent and modern shoppers always look for better and smarter products. For dealers it means faster sell through, high customer satisfaction and higher retention.
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