Stay tuned…more innovation to come!

Our product line is utilizing the novel and innovative patent, which demonstrates a unique genuine concept for sweeping by changing the active surface itself on the go.

Our line of (upcoming) products consists of cleaning tools such as brooms, squeegees, flat mops, rakes, brushes, and vacuum cleaner heads (to start with).

The first product in line is our BroomX. BroomX is actually the first-ever expandable broom, which changes it sweeping width easily and quickly by an intuitive and smooth move of the ´sleeve´, up and down, allowing the sweeping surface fitting into narrow spaces, when required, and then expand to be an extra-wide broom when moving to open spaces, such as living room, while cleaning.

See Key Benefits of the BroomX

Expandable Sweeping Surface

BroomX was especially designed for sweeping different surface´s width. This is the only broom in the market, which provides you with the capability to change the sweeping surface simultaneously while ´brooming´! This unique advantage lets you access narrow spaces, and then be supper efficient while ´brooming´ in your living room, or any other sort of open space. Now you can easily and quickly clean underneath chairs, tables and other furnitures, and in a have an extra-wide cleaning tool while required.

Comfort & Efficiency

Get ready to be addicted! It is hard to believe how easily this tool is being operated. You can change the widths of it cleaning surface simultaneously, while cleaning by holding the pole with one hand and easily pull/push the ´sleeve´ with your other hand. That allows you getting into narrow surface and expand the sweeping area on the go when you wish.

Compact Storage

We all wish to have a wide (or even extra-wide) broom at home, as we have open spaces and living rooms, where a wide tool as an advantage. Problem is that we don´t have storage space for such a wide broom… So we use a narrow broom. BroomX actually allows you to have an extra-wide broom at home and store IT easily as a narrow broom!

High Quality

Glass Removal? Dust? Pet hair? Food and Kids´ stuff? No Problem! BroomX provides you with a high level of protection for your home and family. With its unique double-Bristle sweeping-head Technology and extra high-density bristles you can trust BroomX to efficiently remove even the smallest piece of dirt.BroomX is durable for years, it was made of strong plastic strengthened with fiber glass where required

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